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AEON MALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. has decided to support and participate in the “Awareness-Raising Activities on reducing plastic use” promoted by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

In recent years, owing to the fact that Cambodia has undergone rapid population growth
and economic development, solid waste, including plastic waste, is rapidly increasing. Not only
does plastic waste have an adverse effect on natural environment, but also more than 3,600 tons
of waste, which exceeds the treatment capacity, is generated in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

To solve these challenges, the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) and the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) are collaborating with the Embassy of Sweden, the
Embassy of Japan and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), to launch
awareness-raising activities to take environmentally friendly and responsible actions regarding
usage, consumption, process and disposal of plastics.

In order to ensure the message reaches as many people as possible, our company will
display awareness raising video created by the Ministry of the Environment on our large-scale
screen display at AEON MALL Phnom Penh and AEON MALL Sen Sok City.

【PDF】 Participation in awareness-Raising activities on reducing plastic use