“Fill everyday life in Cambodia with new possibilities”

AEON MALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘’ our Company’’) and AEON MALL Mean Chey (hereinafter referred to as the “MALL’’) are very glad to initiate the art exhibition and art workshop called ‘’ Mean Chey Art’s Museum’’ with the collaboration with the Social Compass NGO. The event took place on February 2nd (Thu) – 13th (Mon), 2023 at AEON MALL Mean Chey.

  This event aims to welcome the public customer to experience the Cambodian Art exhibition of the winning and nominated artworks from the White Canvas Cambodia 2022 art competition.      In addition, there will be an art workshop which hosting by the contestant winners. Through this workshop, we are encouraging adults and children, even those who are unfamiliar with art to participate in creating art and learn how to look at the artwork. This collaboration demonstrates our Company’s commitment to promoting our Mall’s core concept of “Edutainment” in diverse aspects of education and SDGs art, in which we become a significant constituent to assist the beauty arts to be showcased at every touchpoint.

   Our Company is very proud to contribute to this meaningful initiative. We will continuously strive to bring even greater possibilities to share and fill the people’s lives, and local economic activities and contribute to community life to reach our mission of “Fill everyday life in Cambodia with new possibilities”.  

■The Artwork Exhibition and Workshop by the White Canvas Cambodia 2022.


(2) February 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun) 11:00~, 14:30~, and 17:00~

Theme: Painting the future image of Cambodia

                               (3) February 5th (Sun), 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun) 13:30~, 16:00~, 19:00~

Theme: Coloring workshop

(4) Other workshops will be held

[PDF] Mean Chey Art’s Museum