“Fill everyday life in Cambodia with new possibilities”


"Fill Everyday Life in Cambodia with New POSSIBILITIES"

Challenge the norm and status quo of everyday way of living. We are here in Cambodia to introduce new ways of better and happier living through our selection of products and services picked to answer the needs of all generations and groups of people.


To become a part of our customers' lives

We will be the top destination in Cambodia that excite people at every visit and touchpoint. Through carefully selected products and services, from basic necessities to high-end brands, AEON MALL Cambodia will satisfy needs of all lifestyles.


Be a second home

To be a 2nd home, a workplace where everyone respects one another, and every effort gets recognized. AEON MALL Cambodia will be the place where our members encourage each other to challenge limit, grow, and explore new possibilities together.

Commercial Partners

Be the first-choice business plateform in Cambodia

Known for building sustainable and trustworthy relationships. In good and bad times, we will work hand-in-hand with our partners, local and global, to strengthen the competitiveness of both parties, sharing insight and providing supports for long-term business success.


To be the icon of Cambodia loved by the people

Through every employee effort, we will light up Cambodia’s future, contributing to economic development and higher standard of living. AEON MALL Cambodia will introduce updated worldwide knowledge and trends through our platform. We will give back to the society by promoting education and culture of environmental responsibility through CSR activities.

1. Present a surprise

Constantly explore and try out innovative possibilities. Strive to improve and excite by always searching and sharing new ways of working and doing business.

2. Customer-Focused

Always think from customers’ perspective both internal and external customers. Build sustainable relationships by anticipating and understanding not only what customers say but what they truly need and is the best for them then act accordingly.

3. Challenge to Grow

Be open-minded to provide and take on new opportunities for development. Learn from experience and encourage one another to grow together.

4. Appreciate and Support

Appreciate and support one another toward goals achievement. Trust in each other’s potential and intention. Welcome different opinions without bias and have the courage to feedback constructively with respect.

5. Be Prepared and Adaptable

Respond and adapt quickly to foreseen changes and unexpected situations. Identify potential risks and make necessary preparations to prevent business from being disrupted.

6. Keep Promise

Be accountable to your words and actions. Commit to complete your mission while complying to rules and regulations. Always be responsible for your people, business partners, the society and environment.