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 AEON MALL (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as ‘’the Company’’) is pleased to inform of the installation of the “Eco-Friendly Park made from plastic recycle as Kid Playground Area’’ at AEON MALL Phnom Penh (hereinafter referred to as ‘’The Mall’’) located at the 2nd Floor of Lively Plaza. The kid’s area is available for children age under 5 years old for playing from December 25th, 2022 onward.

With the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented society in the shopping mall, through the waste compression machine by collecting and recycling the throwaway plastic waste in order to convert into useful resources such as a flat bar to produce furniture, the Kid’s play area, as well as other eco-friendly exterior materials.

Our company will continue to work with our customers to raise awareness in respect of the environment and wishes to share the meaning and value of green recycling inside the mall to our customers as well as a commitment to compliance in environmental protection and towards sustainable development in the future.


Eco-Friendly Park of Kid Playground Area
Implementation mall  :  AEON MALL Phnom Penh at the 2nd floor of Lively Plaza
Age                  :  Children under 5 years old     
Start                 :  December 25th 2022 onward 

[PDF] Eco-Friendly Park as Kid Playground Area