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Donation to the Office of Council of Ministers and the Cambodian Red Cross for Countermeasure against Covid-19

With an effort to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, AEON MALL (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. (“AMC”) has enhanced preventive measures in AEON MALL Phnom Penh and AEON MALL Sen Sok City and has provided masks to all customers visiting our shopping malls. This activity has commenced since November 2020 following a second wave of coronavirus in Cambodia. At the same time, AMC has initiated an charity activity in which customers can also participate in providing funds to assist with the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and to donate to the Cambodian Red Cross and the Office of Council of Ministers.

Mr. Tsuboya Masayuki – Managing Director of AEON MALL (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. and in the name of representative of our group subsidiaries, handed the donation of fund which is amount to USD 4,000 (Four Thousand US Dollars) to the Cambodian Red Cross and USD 10,000 (Ten Thousand US Dollars) to the Office of Council of Ministers to assist the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia with the challenges posed by COVID-19. He hopes that this donation would ease the hardship of Cambodian people during this pandemic. Additionally, he looks forward to seeing Cambodia getting her strength back very soon.

Mrs. Houn Chanbora, the Director of Communication Department of the Cambodian Red Cross, also expressed her sincere gratitude to AMC as well as the subsidiaries of AEON Group that always actively participate in the charity activities to promote the humanitarian values in Cambodia.

In brief, we would like to convey our sincere thanks to all of our customers for their endless support and willingness to fight against COVID-19. We wish the normalcy could return to Cambodia soon so that the Cambodian people will continue to enjoy their ways of life, and the Cambodia’s economy will continue to enjoy stronger growth. We will continue to support in the aspect of good health and well-being as well as  the sustainable cities and communities, which are two of the 17 global goals making up the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).