“Fill everyday life in Cambodia with new possibilities”

 AEON MALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to as “the Company”) has started a business partnership with GO24 (Cambodia) Co., Ltd known as Nham24, a super app for everything in Cambodia, since June 2020 with the purpose to provide convenience as well as meeting the needs of customers during the period of “New Normal” in the context of Covid-19.

  In recent years of this partnership, both the Company and Nham24 have always sought new things to offer to our valued customers the convenience of ordering food and drinks from many eateries in the malls by using the mobile app, Nham24. Therefore, in the year 2022, the Company join with GO24 (Cambodia) Co., Ltd to launch the new feature in Nham24 called “Central Kitchen” which allows the customers to order food and drinks from up to 3 restaurants simultaneously. This feature is designed to meet the needs and demands of customers who want to enjoy different type of food from different restaurants at the same time without having to order many times like in the past.

  In this new feature launch, only the Company, which manages two of Cambodia’s largest malls namely AEON MALL Phnom Penh and AEON MALL Sen Sok City that have a wide range of restaurants and eateries, has partnered with Nham24 to ease the difficulties for the customers ordering food online. This new feature will be available from April 1st, 2022 to all Nham24 users. 

[PDF] Online food ordering in AEON MALL now up to 3 restaurants simultaneously