“Fill everyday life in Cambodia with new possibilities”

AEONMALL Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “AEONMALL”) has confirmed the name of its 3rd Aeon Mall in the Kingdom of Cambodia to be “AEON MALL Mean Chey” (hereinafter referred to as “the mall”) and begun construction towards opening schedule of year 2022.

The mall is located inside “ING CITY”, one of South East Asia’s largest urban development projects, constructed 8km south of Phnom Penh’s center business district.

The project is developed to be Phnom Penh’s satellite city as part of the capital’s urbanization master plan. Connected to Phnom Penh by south-reaching Hun Sen Boulevard, the area has excellent access and is highly convenient, promising a population’s growth spurt with many future projects in the making including residences, apartment buildings, and international schools.

Aiming to be a part of the satellite city’s core infrastructure, the mall is expected to have total area, floor area, and gross leasable area in the top tier of the Kingdom of Cambodia and biggest scale among AEONMALL’s own ASEAN shopping mall. The mall’s line-up includes AEON GMS as anchor tenant, fashion, general goods, food and beverage, services, cinema and entertainment varieties. A spacious natural zone is also featured in the mall’s outdoor section, cementing the mall’s commitment to communicate with customers through its offered experience.

■Naming concept

The mall is named after Phnom Penh City’s Mean Chey District where it will be built. In Khmer, “Mean” is “To be” and “Chey” means “Victorious” giving the region’s name the meaning “A Victorious City”.

■Project information

Mall’s name: AEON MALL Mean Chey
Address: Chak Angre Kron, Meanchey, Phnom Penh
Site area: Approx. 174,000m2
Floor area: Approx. 180,000m2
Gross leasable area: Approx. 98,000m2
Number of specialty stores: Approx. 250stores
Building structure: RC structure, 3 floors (4 floors in selected areas)
Project’s owner: AEON MALL (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd
Parking space: Approx. 4,000 cars
Scheduled opening date: Year 2022

※Details of the mall’s facilities and tenants mix will be published upon determination.