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  AEON MALL (Cambodia) Logi Plus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the COMPANY”) is pleased to announce the opening of the Phase 1 warehouse of the AEON MALL LOGI PLUS Sihanoukville FTZ Logistics Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”), which will serve as a base for its new logistics business.

※FTZ (Free Trade Zone): A zone where the bond system can be applied by deeming it a ‘foreign country’ under the customs system.

Features of the AEON MALL LOGI PLUS Sihanoukville FTZ Logistics Center

1.Inventory by non-residents is possible

In this country, it is necessary to establish a company in order to hold inventory. But by using this center, inventory can be held without the need for company establishment. This avoids the uncertainty of lead times in international transportation and enables a stable supply of goods. In addition, the geographical location of the center in the heart of the Mekong region also makes it possible to utilize the center as a logistics hub for consolidating inventories within the region.

2. Seamless in-house operations from customs clearance to warehouse

The center operates all customs clearance and warehousing operations on its own. The in-house operation enables a seamless response, shortening lead times and speeding up the response to any problems that may arise. In addition, the use of wireless handheld terminals enables customers to monitor real-time inventory status from anywhere in the world.

3. Location with potential for development as a logistics hub in a country’s remarkable economic growth.

Located in a special economic zone bordering the Sihanoukville Port (‘the Port’), which has the largest cargo trade volume in the country. In particular, it is located in a zone with good access to the container terminal, which is being expanded (first phase to be completed in 2025). The port is the only ‘’deep seaport’’ in the country and is expected to grow into a new hub for the Southeast Asian region, in addition to increasing cargo volumes in line with the country’s economic development.

Overview of Logistics Center

[PDF] Opening of AEON MALL LOGI PLUS Sihanoukville FTZ Logistics Center