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AEON MALL (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (“Our Company”) has decided to participate in the Used Battery Collection Project initiated by Ministry of Environment, Kingdom of Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the disposal of used batteries has not been properly implemented which has led to concerns for the environmental pollution. As part of the strategic solution to this problem, Ministry of Environment has launched the Used Battery Collection Project to distribute the disposal bins which are exclusively designated for the used batteries (Non-Rechargeable type) and to install them in the new residential areas, gas stations, and supermarkets, alongside with the educational activities.

Our Company has supported and committed to meet the goal of this project. We have installed the battery cycle bins in our malls, AEON MALL Phnom Penh and AEON MALL Sen Sok City. In addition to the collection of used batteries from our visitors, we will strive to raise awareness of the hazard and risks of battery waste.

Our Company will continue to work with the local to raise awareness in respect of environmental protection in order to realize sustainable malls and conserve the global environment.


(Cambodia) Ministry of Environment’s Home page:  https://www.moe.gov.kh/index/32156

Press Release details :
[PDF] Participation in the Used Battery Collection Project by the Ministry of Environment